Top 5 LIVE Gaming Apps for Gaming Enthusiasts In 2022: Twitch, Bolo Live, Youtube Gaming & More –

GenZ has reached a new level of entertainment and is attracted immensely to the world of live gaming as they love to play, interact and build their own community. Live game streaming platforms as an industry are a more significant force than they appear in general.
Gamers now seek paradise online with unique game content and exciting offers on it. This gaming practice became popular in the mid-2010s and was majorly played on US-based sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and many others.
A user can go for live gaming on a platform and here is a list of top live game streaming apps for a person who also wants to explore more avenues to earn money with game streaming

Discussing live game streaming platforms would automatically bring us to Twitch as they are almost synonymous with each other.  Twitch is a global live streaming platform that is best for follower interaction within your profile. It got started as in 2007 and is one of the best video game streaming sites you can find today. The global app offers extremely easy set up with flexible user interface and is compatible with almost all popular video streaming utilities. By sharing their screen with fans and subscribers who can listen and watch them live, Twitch streamers “broadcast” the gameplay.Users can also make money on the live gaming app through donations, subscriptions, and ads. 
Bolo Live 
Bolo Live is India’s largest video live streaming platform for creator monetization. In a short span of time it has become the one stop destination for live interactive video content for entertainment, social gaming and lifestyle. The homegrown app   is banking on both, with its creator-led social gaming and live streaming app. The app hosts live games, especially popular Indian household games such as Tambola, Chidiya Udd, Musical Chairs, Quiz, all hosted live by creators. Creators can also earn by live gifting that happens during the broadcast. 
The video live streaming platform enables content creators, entertainers, and influencers to broadcast interactive live streams and monetize directly through consumer transactions from their fans. With annualized Gross Transaction Value of over 5 mn USD, the homegrown creator-economy-focused platform empowers over 75,000 content creators to monetize already. Bolo Live has a total of over 1,10,000 earning creators whose monthly income is over INR 1.6 lakhs on average. The app has been downloaded over 8.5 million times across Android and iOS. 
YouTube Gaming 
YouTube Gaming is one of the most popular gaming platforms with a wide community. It might not be the most glamorous streaming website out there, but its beauty does appear to lay in its accessibility and ease of use. The site enables creators to generate good revenue because of its collaborations with Google AdSense. Channels on YouTube are seen giving commentary on streamed video games, adding humorous & rare backgrounds to the stream, etc. 
Loco TV 
Loco has over 10,000,000+ installs till date and is made by Pocket Aces Pictures Private Limited. Founded in November 2017, the app allows multiple players to play fun games at the same time and the prize money gets divided among all the winners.
On Loco one can watch India’s best upcoming gamers play top games, follow the top gamers and engage with them. You can watch best skills, game tutorials, highlights, and other game videos of top games like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty, Free Fire, CS GO, DOTA 2, Apex Legends, FIFA, Mobile Legends Bang Bang, League of Legends and GTA V. You can also participate in live quizzes every day and win prizes. You can play free games like Ludo, Carrom, Pool and Bull Bash as well.

Bigo Live 
Bigo Live TV helps to build bridges between users on its platform. It helps in connecting video streamers directly with the Bingo live community. It is one of the fastest-growing live gaming platforms with a global presence. With its new update, users get enhanced support for all rich features so that the needs for game broadcasting can be met with ease. It will encourage users to communicate directly with the Bingo Live community and this platform’s video streaming is ideally bridged to bring people together.
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